IQOS Warranty

One year from purchase date
No repairs. We simply exchange your IQOS to a new one.
One bonus non-warranty replacement
Replacement in IQOS Service Centers
24/7 diagnostics in Viber Bot

How does the IQOS warranty work?

The warranty for any IQOS device is valid during 12 months from the date of purchase. Official service centers never repair faulty IQOS devices. If a quick device diagnosis does not help to fix it, we will simply replace the device with a new one under warranty conditions.

Warranty replacement – within 12 months

If problems with IQOS can be attributed to warranty cases, then we will replace the defective element (holder or charger) with a new one.

The warranty for this item will be renewed for 12 months from the date of replacement. Yes, the IQOS holder and charger have two separate warranties.

The quantity of warranty replacements is unlimited during the warranty period (12 months).

Suddenly there is no element of the appropriate color, we will offer you to choose any color from those that are available.

One bonus non-warranty replacement

We are ready to make one bonus device replacement, even in non-warranty cases. This replacement can be done only once for 12 months from the date of purchase!!

Such cases do not include scratches, dents or other damage that do not affect the operation of the device. Take care of your IQOS!

How to check if the warranty for your IQOS is still valid?

Please enter the holder number and your phone number – we will check everything and call you back.

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Where and how to replace IQOS?

IQOS Service Centers

IQOS Space stores and some partner chains (for example, the ALLO) work as service centers for IQOS.

IQOS Space are opened in Lviv, Lutsk, Khmelnitsky, Chernivtsi, Uzhgorod, Rivne, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Odessa. Check store addresses and up-to-date opening hours.

Replacement via free delivery by Nova Poshta

To replace a faulty IQOS with a new one under warranty, please contact our IQOS support team at 4767.

We will help you make a quick diagnosis of your device. And if the breakdown is guaranteed, we will immediately arrange a replacement with delivery. At the same time, the faulty device will also need to be returned, also by Nova Poshta. Our IQOS support team will help and tell you how to do this.


Is something wrong with IQOS? Quick online diagnostics of your device directly on the site will allow you to solve the problem yourself.

What documents do I need to have to get replacement for IQOS?

What documents do I need to have to get replacement for IQOS?

To replace faulty IQOS with new ones under warranty, you do not need to have a warranty card.

If you bought a device in IQOS Space, on or through the IQOS chatbot in Viber, then most likely information about purchase date and the warranty period is known to us. Therefore, we can make a replacement under warranty even without a receipt. All you need is the phone number, serial number of the device and the faulty device itself.

If you bought IQOS in Rozetka, Silpo, Allo or other stores, you will need a receipt for a replacement. If you have lost the check, no panic. We will also try to help.

IQOS 3 DUO holder

What to do if IQOS warranty expires?

If the warranty has expired, and something happened to the device, contact the support service (at 4767) or the nearest IQOS Space. We will try to help!

International IQOS warranty

The IQOS warranty is valid in all countries where the brand is officially represented (there are 71 of them now). Now we are working on a simplified scheme. You will not need to provide documents confirming the fact of purchase or the warranty validity. You just need to have a your device with you. How to use it?

1. Call the toll-free international number +80025592559.

2. If your operator has set restrictions on international numbers, then try this number: +41215478888 (here payment will be made at the rates of your operator).

3. The support operator will tell you about the next steps and the stores where you can get a new device under warranty. Or you can visit the nearest IQOS Space right away.

A list of countries where you can get the service for your faulty IQOS.

A list of countries where you can get the service for your faulty IQOS VEEV.

A list of countries where you can get the service for your faulty lil SOLID.

In some countries, numbers differ from general international. Here is a list of them with the required numbers (operators are indicated in brackets):

014800 25592559
810800 2559 2559
South Korea:
001 800 2559 2559
002 800 2559 2559 (Dacom)
004 800 2559 2559 (Korea Telecom)
009 800 2559 2559
011 800 2559 2559
001 010 800 2559 2559 (KDD)
0033 010 800 2559 2559 (NTT)
0041 010 800 2559 2559 (JT)
0061 010 800 2559 2559 (IDC)

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