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You can upgrade your old IQOS to a new one for a special price. Check your offer!

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Share your number and chose city where you want to trade-in your IQOS. We will show all available options 🙌

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How does it work?

you need to have
registered IQOS

old device needs to be

available only in cities
with IQOS Spaces

Currently not delivering with Nova Poshta but working to make it happen 🙌


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You can add device in your profile and check offers. Please add serial number from your holder - 14 symbols under the cap.

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Your Special Offers

Chose the device on which you want to make a trade-in!

Please choose the device you would like to use for trade-in. You can make an order only after you’ve logged in on site, so we’ll redirect you to login page after you press the button 🙌

The offer is valid till 23:59. Tomorrow the price might change.


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Only registered users can trade-in their devices to the new one with special price.

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