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Warranty and diagnostics

Has something happened to your IQOS or do you just want to know if it is still under warranty? Check your IQOS on the official website.

IQOS Warranty

Gathered everything you need to know about the warranty on your IQOS.

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How to check if the warranty for your IQOS is still valid?

Please enter the holder number and your phone number – we will check everything and call you back.

Checking on the site works only for IQOS of any model. To check lil SOLID — write or call us.

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Why check the IQOS warranty?

If you got your IQOS as a gift or you bought it not in the official store, no problems. You can still use maximum opportunities of the official service for free.

Free replacement
Perhaps your IQOS is still under warranty or non-warranty replacements. Let's check!

Now it's yours!
With a personal account on the website, where everything is at hand.

Your favorite IQOS is a thing that is a pity to part with, much less to throw it away even when you already have a new version.

This is probably the reason why we often gift our devices, give them to friends and even sell on OLX. So it could be useful for someone else.

If your IQOS is a good old friend’s devise, or you bought a used one on OLX,, we recommend that you take these following steps:

1. Check if the warranty is still valid. Yes, even a pre-owned IQOS can still have a valid warranty. To do this, enter the holder serial number and your phone number in the form above. Our customer service support will call you back and share the complete info on your IQOS and help register it. It’s all free.

2. If the warranty is still valid and the IQOS breaks down do not try to repair it yourself. If you try to repair it on purpose the warranty will be automatically annulled. It is better to immediately contact the support or any IQOS brand store.

3. Clean your IQOS well. One of the biggest problems with pre-owned IQOS devices is that you don’t know how good they were taken care of. If IQOS wasn’t cleaned often enough or was cleaned not very good it can adversely affect the taste and smell. If your IQOS kit doesn’t have a cleaning brush it is better to immediately order a new one and also special cotton sticks for cleaning. You will immediately feel the difference.

Any questions left?

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