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Promo Codes Terms of Use

dated April 15, 2019

These Promo Codes Terms of Use ("Terms") shall determine the rules for using promo codes in IQOS branded stores chain (hereinafter referred to as "Retail Chain Location") or on the Website.

1. Terms and Definitions

1.1. Promo Code is an 8-digit numeric code, which provides the opportunity to receive a discount when used at the time of purchasing Products.

1.2. Products or Goods are tobacco-containing products, tobacco-heating electronic systems, and other products presented in the Retail Chain Location, at the Website or via the client support service numbers 0-800-507 807 or 4767.

1.3. Retail Chain Location is a chain of IQOS branded stores of the Seller in the territory of Ukraine: Kyiv, 38 Khreshchatyk St.; Kyiv, 2T Henerala Vatutina Ave.; Kyiv, 33 Dniprovska Embankment; Kyiv, 6D Berkovetska St.; Kyiv, 7-B Lesi Ukrainky Boulevard; Lviv, 7b Pid Dubom St.; Sokilnyky village, 30 Stryiska St.; Lviv, 226 A Kulparkivska St.; Lviv, 20 Halytska St.; Odesa, 2 Nebesnoi Sotni Ave.; Fontanka village, 1 Pivdenna Doroha St.; Kharkiv, 7 Heroiv Pratsi St.; Kharkiv, 44 B Akademika Pavlova St.; Kharkiv, 9 Heroiv Pratsi Ave.; Kharkiv, 102 Sumska St.; Dnipro, 50 Dmytra Yavornytskoho Ave.; Dnipro, 17 Nyzhniodniprovska St.; Zaporizhzhia, 83/85 Sobornyi Ave., and other stores, where the technical capability to use Promo Codes has been ensured.

1.4. Promo Code User or User is a person who has received a Promo Code and become entitled to use it for receiving a discount.

1.5. Promo Code Validity Term is a period during which the Promo Code User shall be entitled to receive a discount when purchasing Products in the Retail Chain Location or on the Website.

1.6. Seller is “Technoline Trade” Limited Liability Company located at the address: building 11-a, Sichovykh Striltsiv St., Kyiv, 04053, legal entity identifier code: 41962630 for purchases via Website or “New Techno Trade” Limited Liability Company located at the address: 04053, м building 11-a, Sichovykh Striltsiv St., Kyiv, 04053, legal entity identifier code: 41961642 for purchases at Retail Chain Location. For more information: phone: 0-800-507-807/4767, e-mail:

1.7. Website shall mean the website

2. General Provisions

2.1. The Promo Codes use may become available to you if you purchase the Products in the territory of Ukraine.

2.2. You can become a Promo Code User provided you meet the following criteria:

2.2.1. You are an adult IQOS User, and at least 3 days have elapsed from the moment the device was purchased;

2.2.2. You have a registered active profile on the Website, which means that you have verified your registration by clicking the link sent via e-mail.

3. Getting Promo Code by User

3.1. You can receive a Promo Code in case the Seller's holding a certain promo action, program, etc.

3.2. If you receive a Promo Code, relevant information will be sent to your email or in SMS/Viber message according to the data registered by you with the Website.

4. Promo Code Use

4.1. The User can use the Product Promo Code:

4.1.1. when making an order on the Website — by indicating his/her promo code in the "Gift Certificate or Promo Code" field;

4.1.2. when placing an order in a Retail Chain Location — by submitting his/her promo code to the retail employee;

4.1.3. when placing an order at the client support service numbers 0-800-507 807 or 4767 — having made his/her promo code available to the client support service employee.

4.2. The use of Promo Code shall mean receipt of a discount when purchasing the Products in an appropriate amount. Use of Promo Code is possible only in case of purchase of Products valued more than the amount of the discount granted by the Promo Code.

4.3. The Products not covered by the Promo Code discount shall be specified in the Retail Chain Location or at the client support service numbers 0-800-507 807 or 4767.

4.4. The User can use a Promo Code only once and for a single order. Promo Codes shall not be cumulative among themselves.

4.5. Discounts for various special offers/promo actions in other programs shall not be cumulative among themselves.

4.7. Placing a Promo Code publicly, including on the Internet (including, but not limited to, social media networks, groups, blogs) is prohibited.

4.8. The transfer and use of Promo Code by the User to other Users or to any third parties shall be prohibited.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1. The Seller shall be entitled to make changes to these Terms on an ex parte basis. The Seller shall notify the User of changes to the Terms within 10 calendar days prior to entry into force of a new edition of the Terms by posting the relevant information (notification) on the Website in Promo Codes Terms of Use section.

5.2. Notice of the change to the Terms shall be deemed to be directed to the User if posted on the Website.

5.3. In case of the occurrence of the situation allowing ambiguous interpretation of these Terms and/or issues not regulated by these Terms, the final decision shall be made by the Seller. The Seller shall not be liable in the event of circumstances occurring such as natural disasters, fire, flood, military actions of any nature, electricity or Internet access disruption, equipment malfunction, blockades, substantial changes in legislation, other circumstances beyond the Seller's control.

5.4. In case of violation of these Terms, the User's Promo Codes that he/she received may be canceled whereof he/she would be notified.

5.5. If special conditions of holding promo actions, programs, etc. contain provisions that otherwise regulate the use of Promo Codes, such special conditions shall prevail over these Terms.

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