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Tobacco enjoyment made amazing


Imagine tobacco enjoyment without fire, ash and cigarette smoke. IQOS reinvents tobacco enjoyment. Heating tobacco instead of burning it. No fire means no cigarette smoke smell to enjoy moments you know, and moments you get to rediscover.

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What is IQOS?

IQOS is our innovative alternative to traditional smoking. Heat is at the heart of it all. Choosing to heat tobacco, rather than burn it, is what sets us apart from traditional cigarettes. Through heating we were able to release the true taste of real tobacco.

IQOS benefits

Our studies** show that the satisfaction of those who switched completely to IQOS is comparable to those who continued to smoke cigarettes. It’s time to choose better. Discover all the benefits of switching to IQOS.

*Source: Based on the totality of evidence available for IQOS in comparison with continuing to smoke.
**see important information page

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Man holding IQOS

IQOS Testimonial

Astrid - IQOS user from Colombia

"Using IQOS is the opportunity to do what I like without bothering the people I care about. A nice, pleasant experience and each time it gets more diverse. When I switched from cigarettes, I used turquoise HEETS , now I am changing HEETS whenever I want. It is wonderful, this is amazing."*

*Legal age IQOS user

Man holding IQOS

IQOS authorized by FDA

The FDA or Food & Drug Administration is a federal agency within the United States Department of Health and Human Services. It is responsible for regulating the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of tobacco products in the US.
IQOS is the first and only tobacco heating system authorized in the US as a Modified Risk Tobacco Product with reduced exposure information.

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Important information: IQOS is not risk-free. It delivers nicotine, which is addictive.

*Source: FDA’s marketing order for the IQOS system dated July 7, 2020

Man holding IQOS

Моделі IQOS

IQOS 3 Duo product and logo

Елегантний та компактний, з вдосконаленим функціоналом. Дозволяє використовувати два стіки поспіль без перерви на підзарядку.


IQOS 3 Multi product and logo

«Все в одному»: дозволяє використовувати стільки стіків підряд, скільки захочеться, без підзарядки. Можна використовувати як самостійний пристрій або як доповнення до основного IQOS.


IQOS 2.4Plus product and logo

Класична модель. Зручний та інтуїтивно простий у використанні. Вірно слугуватиме щодня.



We believe in science. We believe it can change the lives of millions of smokers, who would otherwise continue to smoke. To this effect, we recruited scientists to work on an important idea: developing less harmful products that cigarette smokers can switch to if they don’t quit.

Hundreds of scientists and engineers at PMI’s global Research and Development centers in Switzerland and Singapore have developed and evaluated IQOS, an innovative electronic device that heats and not burns tobacco. It produces a tobacco vapor that delivers tobacco taste and nicotine.

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Як працює IQOS

Ми не хотіли винаходити ще одну сигарету. Ми прагнули змінити світ на краще. І змінили. Фокусуючись на передових технологіях та інноваціях, ми створили IQOS. Завдяки технології HeatControl™ IQOS нагріває тютюн до 350°C, не спалюючи його. Що це дає? Смак справжнього тютюну без горіння, без диму, без попелу та без зайвого клопоту.



HEETS tobacco sticks are created to be used with your IQOS device, they feature a clever construction that consists of 5 parts and altogether combined deliver taste satisfation close to a cigarette.*

*Source: 3 month clinical studies conducted in US and Japan with 160 adult smokers each under real conditions (ambulatory).

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Тест: перевірка на запах

IQOS залишає менше запаху на руках, волоссі і одязі, порівняно з сигаретами. Не вірите на слово? Проведемо експеримент. Беремо 2 сорочки. Одну "просякнемо" сигаретним димом, а іншу — аерозолем IQOS. А тепер перевіримо, чи відчують люди різницю за запахом. Для точності експерименту зав'яжемо їм очі. Цікаво, що вийшло?

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