lil SOLID 2.0

Stylish and minimalistic device for tobacco heating. Enjoy a real tobacco aroma without burning, smoke and ash.

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What is lil SOLID?

lil SOLID 2.0 is an all-in-one heated tobacco device. This is a second device model introduced by IQOS (PMI) in Ukraine. lil SOLID 2.0 supports brand's main goal which is to completely replace cigarettes with a better alternative for those who continue to smoke. *

lil SOLID heats tobacco without burning it. That's why there's no fire, smoke or ash when using lil SOLID. Instead of smoke, it produces tobacco aerosol

*Important information: lil SOLID is not risk free. Read more.

Heats real tobacco

No smoke and ash

Sessions for a full charge

Convenient all-in-one device

One session lasts 5 minutes or 14 puffs

lil SOLID Test drive

Not ready to buy lil SOLID 2.0 yet? Just take lil SOLID (a previous model) for a 7-day test drive for 1 UAH.

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Accessories for
lil SOLID 2.0

Customize your lil SOLID 2.0 with replaceable color panels. Just choose shine muscat, aquamarine or rose gold?

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Fiit sticks

With Fiit sticks you can feel a real tobacco taste without smoke and ash. Choose one of the flavors or mix them up.

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