lil HYBRID: new hybrid technology

Heated tobacco and liquid flavors combined in a single device

  • sticks and pods in one device

  • rich aerosol

  • display with tips

  • autostart

  • zero cleaning

  • delicate pleasant smell

Design Your Flavour

lil HYBRID combines the pleasure of heated tobacco and liquid flavors in a single device.

Make flavors personal with the new Hybrid technology by finding your perfect liquid-tobacco mix. With cartridges and sticks combined, you can get more aerosol and more taste.

You`ll need both MIIX sticks and lil HYBRID cartridges to use the device.

MIIX sticks and

  • Smooth tobacco and balanced fruit tastes

  • Sweet berry, fruity or without added flavour (just to add aerosol)

More about flavors
  • Display

    lil HYBRID displays useful information on the device screen. You can see how many puffs are left, the battery level and even the remaining preheating time before you can start using.

  • Autostart

    lil HYBRID will start pre-heating automatically once the tobacco stick is fully inserted. No need to press the button to start the session.

  • Zero cleaning

    Heating technology in lil HYBRID works with an external heater. Tobacco in Miix stick is hidden inside and closed with filters on both sides, meaning it doesn't contact device directly. That is why lil HYBRID requires almost zero cleaning.

Which device to choose?

lil HYBRID combines heated tobacco and liquid flavors in a simple one-piece device. You can compare it to other IQOS devices.

  • iqos

    IQOS 3 DUO

  • hybrid

    lil HYBRID

  • veev


  • lil

    lil SOLID 2.0


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