IQOS App designed for desktop and smartphone!

IQOS App is an application for IQOS users. Just pair your device using a cable or Bluetooth to update the firmware, run diagnostics or view usage statistics.


This is the fastest and most convenient way to update your IQOS firmware to the latest version.

Why updating the IQOS firmware?

Be sure to update the IQOS firmware to the latest version. It's free and takes 3 minutes max. It helps to eliminate minor software “bugs” and prevents the device from malfunctioning.

How to update IQOS firmware using an app?

  • 1

    Login with the phone
    and a password from the website

  • 2

    Connect IQOS through
    the cable

  • 3

    Go to "Devices"

  • 4

    Is the firmware update

  • 5

    Press "Firmware update" and
    wait a couple of minutes

New features of IQOS App

  • Update IQOS firmware to the lates version.
  • IQOS usage statistics in diagrams.
  • Online diagnostics and automatic IQOS troubleshooting.
  • Find the missing device.
  • Responsive draw and vape cloud size
    (available for IQOS VEEV)

Choose your IQOS App: laptop, mobile, or web version

We recommend using a laptop application to update the firmware (Windows or Mac iOS). You can also install the IQOS mobile application for Android (unfortunately, Apple does not support this application) or use its web version for iOS devices.

How to install IQOS App?
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