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Payment in parts

Payment parts applies to all products on the site (devices and accessories), except Heets
The order amount must be at least 599 UAH.
No, at the moment you can use the "Payment in parts" service only on website.
Be a PrivatBank client with positive credit limit and activated “Payment parts” service (you can check this in your personal account in the “Credit limit” and “Payment parts” sections).
Service is available for holders of Universal, Universal Gold, elite cards for VIP clients (Platinum, Infinite, World Signia/Elite)
  1. Add product to cart
  2. Choose payment method – “Pay in parts”
  3. Indicate the number of payments
  4. Pay the first payment (it is without commission)
  5. Enter your email in the specified field. Privatbank will send you an automatically created agreement.
The payment can be divided into 3, 6, 9, 12 parts (1 payment = 1 month).
When concludinf contract, the amount of the first payment will be debited from the card immediately, the rest of the payments – monthly on the same date.
PrivatBank charges the client a commission of 0.01% if the regular payment is written off from its own funds and 4% if it is written off from credit funds. The first payment is debited without commission.
To make a return you need to write an application in any of IQOS stores. The review period is up to 30 business days. After that the refund will be issued in accordance with the current procedure described on the PrivatBank website.
Sticks cannot be purchased with payment parts. You will need to make 2 orders: separately for sticks and separately for everything else.
There are no restrictions, it depends only on your credit limit (you can find out your credit limit in your Privat24 account in the «Credit limit» section).
The limit on «Payment parts» is set by PrivatBank and depends on the limit on a credit card. To increase the limit on Payments parts, we recommend to increase the limit on a credit card
You can see the payment schedule for the service and the remaining amount to be repaid, as well as early repayment of the loan in Privat24, menu «My accounts» – «Payment parts».
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