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What does lil SOLID introduced by IQOS mean?
lil™ is a trademark of KT&G, the developer and manufacturer of lil™ SOLID tobacco heating devices. Philip Morris Products S.A. imports and markets the lil™ SOLID device using the lil™ trademark under a license agreement. As part of this collaboration, Philip Morris and the IQOS team present lil™ SOLID in Ukraine as a line of alternative devices for smokers.
What is the difference between IQOS and lil SOLID?
IQOS and lil are tobacco heating systems with slightly different heating technology. lil SOLID introduced by IQOS is a democratic and more affordable line of tobacco heating devices.
  • Most of IQOS models (3, 3 DUO, 2.4 Plus and earlier) consist of two elements - a holder and a charger. lil SOLID is built as all-in-one device. IQOS 3 Multi has the same all-in-one design.
  • lil SOLID allows you to use up to 4 sticks in a row without pauses for recharging. After 4 consecutive sessions, the device will cool down automatically. In general, full lil charge is enough for 20 sticks without additional charging.
  • IQOS 2.4 Plus requires a short recharge of the holder after each stick. However, this also has an advantage - the holder is compact and convenient to hold it in your fingers. IQOS 3 DUO is designed to use 2 sticks in a row. The holder then needs a short recharge. IQOS 3 Multi allows you to use at least 10 sticks in a row without pauses for recharging or cooling.
  • Both devices heat the tobacco, not burn it. However, IQOS heats tobacco with the flat heating blade, and lil heats tobacco with a special pin as a heater.
How to use lil SOLID?
If you have a new lil SOLID and will be using the device for the first time, first wake it up from sleep mode by putting it on charge. Before the first use, you will need a full charge (~ 2 hours) from an electrical outlet.
  1. Slide open the Cover of the stick insertion part (on the top of the device).
  2. Insert a Fiit tobacco stick with the tobacco part facing down.
  3. Press the Button for 2 seconds until vibration occurs. State LED blinks in ice blue, and the device vibrates simultaneously. Preheating takes about 20 seconds depending on the use environment. When the preheating is finished, the State LED light turns solid, and device vibrates simultaneously to indicate that the tobacco stick is ready for use.
Ready to use!

The experience lasts for 14 puffs or 4 minutes, whichever comes first. 30 seconds prior the end of the session or when the last 3 puffs are left, the device will vibrate once and the State LED will blink in ice blue until the end of the session. When the experience ends, the State LED and the device turn OFF automatically. You do not need to press the Button to stop the device.

To extract tobacco stick twist the tobacco stick more than 3 times in one direction. Pull the stick out of the device. Close the Cover by sliding it over the stick insertion part.

You may use the device up to 4 consecutive times. After 4 consecutive sessions, the device will cool down automatically. Please wait until the device temperature is stabilized (State LED blinks orange 1 time). The device cannot be used more than 4 consecutive sessions within 20 minutes, as it will need to cool down. It will take 3 minutes 30 seconds to cool down before you can start another session.
How to check the charge level of the device?
To check the charge level of the lil SOLID device press the Button or plug the device in a power outlet using the supplied USB Cable and AC Power Adaptor.

The charging status of the device is displayed as follows: Blue (~ 60-100%), Ice Blue (~ 30-60%), Orange (~ 0-30%), Red (needs to be charged).
How long does it take to fully charge lil SOLID?
It takes about 2 hours to fully charge lil SOLID using the USB cable and power adapter.

lil SOLID does not need a full charge to work, but we recommend that you fully charge your device before first use. A full charge guarantees up to 20 sessions.
How to reset lil SOLID?
To restart lil SOLID, you need to take a few simple steps:
  1. Press and hold the Button for 8 seconds (even if the device starts to vibrate after 2 seconds.
  2. The State LED will blink 2 times in blue, ice blue, and orange to indicate that the reset process has begun.
  3. When the reset is completed, the device vibrates and the State LED light blinks ice blue for 1 second.
What if lil SOLID doesn't work or doesn't work properly?
You can do a self-diagnostics online. More details on the link.

Did not help? Contact Support for help: 4767 or 0 800 507 807
Opening hours: daily from 09:30 to 21:30
or at the nearest IQOS Space
Can I use IQOS cleaning tools to clean lil SOLID device?
The Cleaning Brush of each device was designed to optimally clean its respective device accordingly. Using any product from a different brand may result in the damage of the heating elements.

You can use IQOS Cleaning Sticks to clean lil SOLID.
How often should I clean my Iil SOLID device?
For optimum performance, we recommend cleaning the device after using 20 sticks (one pack of Fiit tobacco sticks).
lil SOLID storage
Keep the device away from places with high temperatures (for example, inside vehicles or near heat sources such as radiators or fire), high humidity or low temperatures, this may degrade battery performance.

If you do not use lil SOLID for a long time, the battery may be discharged, so recharge the device before use after a long pause.
What to do if lil SOLID battery leaks?
If you notice that liquid is leaking from the device, do not use it. In case of contact with skin, rinse the affected area, including palms, and do not touch the eyes.

If any liquid comes into contact with your eyes, rinse immediately with running water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical attention.

Do not try to fix the problem yourself. It can be harmful to health.
What if the State LED is blinking?
In this case, you can make a self-diagnosis of the device online.
What if lil SOLID produces a lingering smell?
The lingering smell most probably comes from the non-regular or non-thorough cleaning. We recommend cleaning the device on a regular basis after using 1 pack of sticks.

If you continue to use the device without removing the debris or remnants, the device can heat up the remnants, which can produce the lingering smell.
Low or no aerosol when using lil SOLID?
If you experience that you only get a little bit of aerosol compared to your previous experiences, please ensure you check the following:
  • You have correctly inserted the Fiit tobacco stick in the lil SOLID device without breaking or turning the tobacco stick
  • You allow the device to pre-heat for 20 sec prior to start puffing
  • You clean your Iil SOLID regularly (every 20 sticks)
  • You pause between puffs to allow the blade properly heat the tobacco and generate aerosol.
What accessories are there for lil SOLID?
So far, we only sell lil SOLID charging accessories — AC Power Adaptor, USB cable.

If you look for a product that enables customization, we advise you to consider IQOS – a wide range of accessories for every taste.
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