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Fiit tobacco stick contains real tobacco that undergoes a specific manufacturing process.

Tobacco part. The tobacco mix is made of various tobacco types that are grinded to a powder and mixed with water, glycerin, guar gum, and cellulose fibers. This mix is dried out to form a tobacco sheet, which is folded in a special way to be used with lil SOLID heating technology.

Non-tobacco part. Air flow chamber (hollow acetate tube), cooling plug, filter, outer paper.
Fiit sticks are designed for heating exclusively, never for burning (like cigarettes).

When lil SOLID heats sticks, it releases aerosol, not smoke. There is no fire, cigarette smoke or ash in the process.

Important: Fiit sticks contain tobacco and therefore nicotine.
What you experience with Fiit is the taste of a real tobacco, which is heated, but not burned.

The taste is different, and you shouldn’t compare it with the taste of cigarettes.
No. Cigarettes cannot be used with Iil SOLID device because of different manufacturing design. Fiit tobacco sticks have been specifically designed for use with Iil SOLID device.
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